Fine Art Group, London UK

Kalpna Saksena

My paintings reflect the images and vibrant colours of my childhood in India but also a love of the Old Masters such as Titian, da Vinci, Rembrandt and Rubens. More recent influences come from Coldstream, Uglow, de Kooning and Bacon. The deconstruction style of work as practised by 20th century artists inspires the way I see and paint today.
I like to retain an element of the drawing line in my paintings where I draw with a paintbrush and have become increasingly interested in presenting multiple views on a single canvas. I particularly enjoy presenting people, objects and buildings out of their logical existence much as we do in our memories.


Rodin's Kiss


SouthBank Construction 2

Venice- Chocolate Box

SouthBank construction !

London City Series 3

London City series 1

London City Series 2

Venice Diptych 1

Venice- Academia Bridge

Venice Diptych 2

Venice Gondolas

Delhi Khan Market

Hinton House

Bicycle shadows


Bicycle 5 in 1


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