Fine Art Group, London UK

Angela Pearcey

My paintings are an enquiry into perceptions of space, together with a personal response to the materials used as they build up in layers. Many of my paintings are held in private collections within the U.K; U.S.A; Canada and New Zealand.

The colours of the actual painting may not be exactly as they appear on the screen due to monitor variations.  Paintings are sold on line based on your acceptance of this.

252 White Steps

254 Railway Buildings Three. Large

251 Green Poster, Large

266 Bike and Distances in Yellow. Large

263 Railway Buildings One

260 Side Street Bike. Large

276 Distances with Vertical Axis. Framed

264 Blue and Orange Railway Buildings

275 Distances with Horizontal Bands. Framed

272 Vertical Rectangle and Figure

269 City One

271 Horizontal Rectangle and Figure

285 Chrysanthemum

277 City Two

288 Aster


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